Saturday, May 03, 2008

And this just in from the sad but true desk...

Wife convicted in husband's shooting of lover
Woman cried rape when caught with her lover, so husband shot him

updated 7:07 a.m. PT, Sat., May. 3, 2008
FORT WORTH, Texas - A Texas woman who caused her lover's shooting death by falsely crying rape was convicted Friday of involuntary manslaughter.

The girl who cried wolf and forgot what she was up to...

Tracy Denise Roberson, 37, cried a bit when the verdict was announced. The punishment phase was set for Monday, and she faces two to 20 years in prison.

Only a bit?

In late 2006, Darrell Roberson came home from a late-night card game to find his scantily clad wife with another man in a pickup truck in the driveway. Tracy Roberson was with her lover but cried rape, and her husband fired four shots into the truck as Devin LaSalle drove off, killing him.

I guess staying for one more really did kill him. I'd shed a tear but the guy willing to screw another's wife really isn't a sympathetic figure...

Darrell Roberson initially was arrested, but a murder charge was later dropped and a grand jury indicted Tracy Roberson instead.

Oh, yeah, that's right...he had reason to believe that his wife was actually being, you know, raped.

During her three-day trial, defense attorneys called no witnesses but blamed LaSalle's death on Darrell Roberson's jealousy and rage.

Yeah, that whole crying rape thing when he showed up had NOTHING to do with it.

But prosecutors placed all the blame on Tracy Roberson, showing evidence of the affair with LaSalle, 32, and a text message in which she invited him to her house that evening.

Sounds like "Case closed" to me.