Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did I mention that other members of my tribe...

...really piss me off sometimes?

Am I the only one who remembers a time when vacation plans went awry, and people took it as the adventure it was? Whether things go according to plan, or the plan goes out the window, you make memories. After all, US SCARE really screwed to pooch when it came to getting my honeymoon started, and although it pissed me off royally at the time, and has occasionally seemed like a glimpse of things to come, it gave me a funny story to tell, and I like telling it. My point is this: Did I sue the airline for completely screwing my wedding night up so we didn't get to the hotel until midnight, after they had given our room away, and after room service closed, I had to leave our twin beds and go down to the front of the hotel because the delivery driver wasn't allowed in the hotel. I didn't hold the damn airline responsible for my happiness. I didn't bellyache. I didn't sharpen my pencil and draft a complaint. I dealt with it. In another day and age, a judge might toss this wanker out on his ear. Now I foresee years of protracted litigation. Ain't progress grand?

"Through its gross negligence, malfeasance and absolute incompetence, Mr. Roth holds Delta responsible for ruining his vacation," said the lawsuit, filed in New York state court.

How sad that he holds the airline responsible for his family's state of mind. What a freakin loser.