Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pandering Needlessly to Arab Street

By now, you may have read the story about the U.S. Soldier who got in dutch for using the koran as a target at a small arms range. While I do question his choice of targets when he is in country, apparently there were no jhadis available.

Seriously. I'm really tired of PC and the worried handwringing over what the reaction on Arab Street will be about this or about that. Enough already. This is silly. We are saving their asses and making their country a beacon of civilization, and yes, this is disrespectful, but we're doing the heavy lifting, so maybe they can dial it back about ten or twelve notches. We are eradicating the vermin from their country.

The quote from the news story that is telling:

Bloody protests have sometimes been held across the Muslim world when the Islamic faith has been insulted.

Meanwhile, Christians in all parts of the world are murdered at the hands of these uulating bloodthirsty savages. If the muslims started burning Bibles in Mecca, we wouldn't see Christians howling in the streets, screaming for blood.

They want to act like animals? Treat them like animals. They love it when we pander to them. They hate it when we are firm. Maybe they need a reminder who the big dog is.