Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sometimes, I Have a Lucid Moment...

...not often, but occaisionally. I was playing on this thread over at the Rott, and someone asked a question that none of my fellow rotties seemed to have the correct answer for. I helped them. As follows:

No, really - how do you envision an America under Obama?

A land where one will have to adopt a hyphen for their Americanism to even approach enjoyment of the blessings of Liberty.

A land where “Whitey” will feel the anger and reprisal of mobs whipped into frenzies for the slights and injustices committed by past generations.

A land where the liberally perverted notions of fairness and ‘equality’ will enforce mediocrity and utterly destroy the spark of genius that breathed life into this country and all it has achieved.

A land where reason and logic will be divorced from the law, and legislation by judical fiat will become the unquestioned norm.

A land where our leaders will allow those who hate freedom and liberty to inflict insult and injury on our populace at will, while those charged with securing and defending our liberty continue to kneel and grovel before our enemies in an attempt ‘have a dialogue’.

A land where the scorn and derision that the elitist left in this country harbor for it becomes completely mainstream, and normal Americans will be taught to loathe and apologize for all that is good about this country.

A land where everyone is special, so that no one is.

A land where the decieved would soon hope for change…back to a country worth having.

Does that answer your question?