Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Audacity of Arrogance, Part 347

Senator Government and his handlers must be feeling pretty confident in all the extra votes they paid ACORN to procure for them. I can't remember the last time a brie and arugula munching communistic America Hating candidate for President felt cocky enough to punish a member of the electorate, someone he was seeking a vote from, because he had the audacity to ask a very pertinent question, which was later used to in a debate to show that when it comes to tax policy, the Emperor ONE has no clothes.

Courtesy Cuffy Meigs:

In truth, the full text was:

“He’s trying to suggest that a plumber is the guy he’s fighting for,” Obama said. “How many plumbers you know that are making a quarter-million dollars a year?”

Of course, as you can see in the video, Joe was concerned about the business making that much. Now, depending on his tax election for the business, the income for the business could be attributed to him, thus making him "rich" by Barry the Blessed™'s arbitrary and capricious standard. However, it really doesn't change the fact that the media has now investigated Joe the Plumber far more thoroughly than any of The ONE's associates. In fact,I'm willing to bet that Joe feels very much like he has been given a prostate exam...with a full sized hand and without the benefit of any lube. The media has been too happy to report on his status as a plumber. Then they wanted to report the same about his boss. It doesn't appear that the media and their eleventy seven fact checkers researched these things very well before reporting their conclusions far and wide. Why would they? This...this...this PLUMBER! had the gall to ask their anointed choice a question that caused his mask to slip and reveal the communist underneath. After the reports far and wide about his licensure and tax lien, I might be worried about a defamation suit. Last I looked, he was a private citizen, and asking a question when the cameras were rolling hardly qualifies as injecting himself into the controversy. Could get kinda expensive for the "news" outlets, methinks.

The ONE could barely contain his contempt in this video. He can't believe that any candidate would be looking out for a lowly plumber. He doesn't spend private foundation money to help unrepentant terrorists to teach youth to be professional rabble-rousing malcontents. He doesn't preach "God damn America" and "Hate Whitey" from the pulpit of his church. He doesn't do shady deals. He doesn't register dead and non-existent people to vote. Instead, he wants to be one of those American success stories, and the ONE can't wait to tax the eyes out of him. For any other candidate, this would be political suicide. I'm starting to think that he could be caught with both a live girl and dead boy, and the media would simply shrug and say he was simply helping to "improve another generation of forward-thinking Americans". But what do I know? I'm sure that because I dare speak of Barry the Blessed™ in a way that clearly indicates that I don't buy into the Hope that he will leave me with some Change, I'm sure one of his followers has a special cell in the Hopey Changey gulag all picked out for me.

Apparently, the campaign for the candidate running with Palin saw an opportunity in this crass insult of the middle class voters Barry the Blessed™ claims to be all for in his excremental tax policy:

“It's an outrage that the Obama campaign and the media are attacking Joe the Plumber for asking a legitimate question of a presidential candidate. This is why voters still have so many questions about Barack Obama. Instead of answering tough questions, his campaign attacks average Americans for daring to look at the reality behind his words, said Tucker Bounds, spokesman the McCain-Palin campaign. “John McCain will continue to fight on behalf of all hardworking Americans like Joe for policies geared toward increasing prosperity and reducing the burden on taxpayers -- not 'spreading the wealth around' for Senator Government to distribute as he sees fit.”

Never a choice so clear. Obama just can't conceal his contempt for real Americans and what America is. But then, by having a job, I have demonstrated that I just don't "fit in" in Barack Hussein Obama's America.

H/T The Rott, Stop the ACLU, Hot Air, and Cuffy Meigs.