Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yep, They Really ARE Stuck On Stupid


I can see that this is gonna be fun. Kevin cannot help himself.
*sigh* I already have to wear the counselor hat all day long, but I just can't help myself. Kevin, if you keep letting stupid leak out through your fingertips, I'm going to keep pointing and laughing.

Your arrogance assumes I would waste the time to read a years worth of your posts. Get over yourself, and while you're at it ...try to get over me. I seemed to have really gotten to you.Me doth thinks ye protesteth too much. Must have hit you dead on. lmao at your silly ass. What's the matter, Bill O'Reilly wannabe, you can dish it out but ya can't take it... pussy.
You started the assumption game, now I'm going to finish it. You are divorced, lonely , frustrated, own an expensive car to make up for your lack of penis size, and you cry when you masturbate.

Kevin, you're the one who assumed when you could have educated yourself. Yes, I undestand that would mean taking the intitiative and actually doing something for yourself, something that your Dear Leader would frown on, but really, as I said, I can only judge you on what you say. You, on the other hand could actually say something serious, reasoned, logical, and if you feel the need to talk about me, informed. Instead, you avoid the substantive allegations made against your Dear Leader and your fanatical devotion to him and his tactics, and instead feel the need to make silly assertions about me to detract from the fact that your Emperor has no clothes. Its predictable, and it is pointless, since I deal daily with people who are actually capable of creative and relevant insults. Your schtick? Its tired. I could write your comments more convincingly than you do. The reason for my smacking you around? It amuses me. The fact that you get dismissed for a meritless 15 minutes of fame here, and you return, talking smack like the snot nosed punk in high school who never knew when to shut up tells me that you have an almost pathological need for attention. I'm laughing and wondering if you got dropped on your head one time too many as a child.

I can dish it out but I can't take it? Uhhh, moron? It is published here in your second very own post. Uncensored and unedited. I think that is called playing above board, which is more than a conservative voice gets at a liberal website most of the time.

As for your assertions, let me set your mind at ease: Married fourteen years; two children, both of whom are still very young but who daily demostrate better judgment than you have shown thus far; not frustrated, just tired of malcontents who keep screaming at the top of their lungs, but are unwilling or unable to make an argument that will persuade anyone who requires more than a naked assertion or slouching talking point that is not substantiated by material facts, I'm a family man, and still paying off law school loans, so no, I don't have a small penis death machine. Being secure in who I am and having a loving family, I have no need to fill a gap in my life with a shiny piece of metal. I have never had a complaint about my penis being too small, and masterbation really isn't necessary when you have a good sex life as I do.

Your arrogance assumes I would waste the time to read a years worth of your posts.

Oh, BTW, Sitemeter tracks all sorts of data, like who is on, what they look at, etc. I understand reading 15 posts of something so contrary to the leftist pap the Obama campaign spoon-feeds to people probably was very tough for you, but 15 posts? I think you are the one who needs to get over me. Gameface, Sparky. Gameface.

What's it gonna be, Sparky? Are we gonna have a discussion about politics, the kind supported by facts, logic and reason, or are you going to stick by your surrender of that particular battlefield and just come back for another beating. Ball's in your court. I suggest you choose wisely.

*************************************************************************************Apparently, "Kevin" didn't have much of a substantive argument to make:

You are calling a man with a 161 IQ stupid. That just proves how goddamn dumb YOU are. Listen moron, I unsubscribed from this B.S. site so you would stop sending me notices about you lame replies, so I would appreciate you honoring that.

Kevin, I know lots of high I.Q. people. Grew up with them, went to school with them, have to work with them on a daily basis. None of them I know come to a website, start making ridiculous assertions that they cannot cite a basis for, and degenerate into personal attacks that have nothing to do with topic at hand when they are called on it, and then scurry off like a cockroach with the light turned on when they are challenged to defend their positions. Yes, Kevin, I am challenging you to make your case. Convince me how Barack is going to save us all. It really shouldn't be too difficult if you are so brilliant. Or run away, and show the world that you really cannot or will not defend what you say. The former would be refreshing coming from an Obama supporter. The latter would be predictable.