Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some Things to Consider

A lot of very smart people I know are talking about the spectre of a Second Civil War as the result of this upcoming election. While the prospect gives me no joy at all, there should be no doubt as to with which side I will stand. Having said that, anyone who thinks about this for longer than five minutes probably realizes that if such a terrible day should come, we won't just be fighting fellow Americans, we will be fighting foreigners as well. This isn't the 1860s and the odds of the world stepping back and letting us settle the matter for ourselves are slim and none, with slim slipping out the door.

There is now an established international precedent for intervening in internal conflicts, and with a whole host of weapons that the rest of the world will want to ensure are secure (Translation: see the opportunity to steal), foreign involvement is inevitable. I actually have less of a problem with the idea of battling with these people. They will be uninvited interlopers who made the tragic mistake of stepping on American soil without asking permission first. The bad part is that I see an awful lot of bloodshed in the future, here, barring some fairly incredible events.