Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Occaisionally , You Get A Visit From That "Special" Kind Of Stupid.

I haven't had a visit from an honest-to-goodness, second-round kind of troll in a very long time. Imagine my delight when "Kevin" came by to leave his droppings on the carpet of the "Mr. Berg in His Own Words" post. He really is too, too precious. The kind of true believer/idiot that deserves his own post.

In this day and age, isn't the law that you have to be a natural born citizen kind of leaning backwards towards RACISM? I don't care if he was born in Iran!! He was raised in the U.S. formed his opinions and matured to adulthood here. I didn't see anyone raise too much hell about Arnold "Musclehugger". Get over your racist selves and move on. Obama's vision of where this country needs to be heading is the RIGHT vision. I am a white male, 47 yrs. old, and an Independent voter. So, don't go "there"!

Kevin | 10.22.08 - 4:52 pm | #


Oh, and By the way... Wasn't G.Dubya a natural born citizen? A lot of damn good that did us.

Kevin | 10.22.08 - 4:57 pm | #

My response to such effective campaigning skills?:

Well, "Kevin", thank you for faithfully demonstrating the Obama talking points :

Don't like what is said, so it is therefore "Racist"-check,

Messianic Obama reference-check

Point to something never advocated for as a means to rationalize a result you want-check

Confusing the purpose for the law with discrimnation, when the subject is nationality, not race-check

Gratuitous "W" is a poo-poo head-check

Predictable astroturfing credentialism..."I am a ..."-check

I'd give you a box of Rice-A-Roni as a parting gift, but frankly I don't think the Obamabots are self-sufficient enough to prepare a meal for themselves without botching it, and I don't need to be sued because you set your tiny loft apartment on fire. So instead, I'll just send you with my thanks.

Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent P | Homepage | 10.22.08 - 6:15 pm | #

His witty response? He didn't have one, but he did leave this:

Well, "old school", thank you for faithfully domonstrating your unwillingness to change-check.

You don't like my response so you TRY to put it down by trying to make it sound irrational.-check.

Point out that something has never been advocated.. as perhaps it should be ( if you are forward thinking )- check.

Getting steamed if someone puts down G-Dubya. ( which is approx. 80% of the population) - check.

And trying to call me a liar when you have no proof, just the power of controlling this site. - check.

I'd give you a box of Rice-A-Roni as a parting gift, but you probably have never eaten the stuff because you are one of those "fat cat" elitists that doesn't want anyone controlling whether or not you help create new jobs with your unregulated profits, but rather stick it in your pockets so that 10 generations from now your family will still be millionaires. ( without earning it) HEY! This is fun, anyone can make generalizations and assumptions and TRY to make the other person look like a fool. Now go check your stocks, and transfer the funds to your bank in the Caymans.

Kevin | 10.22.08 - 8:44 pm | #

Now the Primary Directive of stamping out stupid wherever it is found before it can take root kicked in:

Your response to a law you don't like is "RACISM", which seems to be the theme whenever an Obamabot is confronted with a fact, circumstance, or statement that confounds them. I didn't write it, but as a lawyer with a degree in Political Science, I understand the reasoning for it. You think that it is silly? Then quit your kvetching and go to your state legislature and get them started on the amendment process.

My remark about deflecting by avocation? I was referring to your implication that I was somehow in favor of tossing out the clause that so offends you by wanting AAHHHNNOLD to be eligible for the office himself. I can assure you, such a think would was very far from my mind as he is about as conservative as Bill Clinton. You assuming, without a basis, that I was in favor at an earlier time of what you propose demonstrates the pitfalls that can occur when you assume.

Steamed by you taking a shot at W? No, just tired. After nearly 8 years of geniuses such as yourself failing to get your script straight (which is it? is he an evil genius or a tool of the evil Karl Rove and Dick Cheney who are running the country from the basement of Wal-Mart?) Listen, I'm not thrilled with W's term in office. He's done his level best to piss Conservatives like myself off at every opportunity. Listening to people like you continue to take generic and unoriginal shots, unaccompanied by anything resembling a rational supporting thought or concept has been almost equally as annoying. Almost.

TRY to make you sound irrational??? You're doing too good a job on your own. I don't care if he was born in IRAN? RACISM because a law concerning nationality and not race just might keep the closet socialist out of the Oval Office? Newsflash genius: He was raised in lots of places, including Indonesia. Don't take my word for it. Read his self-aggrandizing memoirs. He'll tell you himself. No, your own statements paint you with the brush of irrationality. There isn't much I could do to improve upon them.

I'm a "fat cat" who has never eaten Rice -A- Roni? You accuse me of making statements based on assumptions? When you come here, all I have to judge you on are your statements. You, however, have over a year's worth of posts to draw on to get to know me, so your assumptions are far less excusable. I suggest on your next visit, you scroll up and read my response to "JD", a special kind of moron who thought that he could attack the messenger when he had nothing to attack the message regarding your Dear Leader's Idiotic Tax Shift Policy, which will certainly create unemployment, inflation, and misery for the very people he claims to be helping with a tax "cut". And for the record, I am a small businessman, who at least for the time being, falls under the his arbitrary $250,000.00 number.

Finally, I am calling you liar, because you're employing a variation of the astroturfing method that I have seen far too often in the last two months. However, if you prefer, I can call you an idiot, because your apparent willingness to shill for a man with several America-hating friends, for a man who has already been caught telling us bald-faced lies, for a man who has told us that he is going to redistribute the wealth, for a man who wants to hold hands with adversaries and sing Kumbaya, for a man who wants to "heal the holes in our souls" by implying RACISM!!!11!! on the part of anyone who can see through the fog of bullshit that surrounds him and is willing to say so, and is more than willing to employ tactics of class warfare to advance his agenda, a man who will cripple the economy with a tax plan that can only result in greater unemployment and inflation, and higher prices for the very people he claims to want to help. No, Kevin, such a belief stains you with the indelible mark of potent idiotarianism, and the best that you can HOPE for is that your Dear Leader's tax plan might leave you with some CHANGE and maybe a job.

Blackiswhite, Imperial Agent P | Homepage | 10.22.08 - 10:31 pm |