Saturday, October 11, 2008

Berg v. Obama Update

This case just keeps getting more and more intriguing. Obama's attorneys have moved for a Protective Order preventing them from complying with the discovery request while their motion to dismiss is pending.

Berg's response? A brief in which he cites several cases that he alleges clearly outlines why such a requset is improper and should be denied. Oh, and some "In your Face" requests for admission. Sucks to be Jugears' legal team right now, because if they admit, then they lose the case. If they deny, then they are on record denying things that might yet be proven false, and Barry the Blessed™ will toss them under the bus.

I cannot understand why the defenders of the natural born citizen Barry Dunham would find it advantageous to continue to fight this instead of actually producing the necessary proof.

*when you click on the link, select entry 18 and read it in PDF*

I really want to see how the Judge rules on this.