Sunday, November 11, 2007

I finished my letter... the Washington State Bar Association last night.

I'm still trying to decide whether to "Harry Truman" it or not. We actually have a rule in or rules of professional conduct that subjects us to discipline for saying things that can be considered offensive while in the course of performing out duties. I'm sure the letter would do just that. After all, I have the temerity to address their continuing "examinations" of certain topics that are thinly veiled approvals of positions that I and no sane person would ever approve of since they only remove certainty and logic from the law in a futile attempt to recognize the specialness of anyone who believes they are special, culminating in their latest offense in which a Muslim attorney lectures in three pages on how attorneys need to understand how Shariah differs from Washington's laws on how estates are to be distributed in the even there is no will when a believer passes on. I'm fairly confident that practitioners of other religions wouldn't be able to hold forth the same way in the pages of the publication, nor would I be in favor of them doing so. The law works because it treats everyone equally when it is administered with fairness and impartiality. When we start catering on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity, it will break down because of the inherent inequality. I see what my colleagues are doing, I can only surmise that it is deliberate, and they have decided to move beyond their role as officers of the courts to advocacy of political positions. Shame on them, and woe on to us all.