Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I guess its my turn...

First of all, I'm 0 for 4 at this game, so we'll see if I can play "Fool the Guesser" any better than I am the guesser. Oh, and Alex can't play.

Which one of the following is not true?

1. I once worked for a foreign government in their capital.

2. I marched in the Electric Light Parade at DisneyWorld.

3. An appointment to the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs was mine for the asking.

4. I walked away from a rollover accident.

5. I was once shot at in my parent's living room.

6. I had a pin surgically implanted in my wrist to set a broken bone.

7. I have touched a piece of the Titanic.

8. A stripper took me home from a frat party once when I was in college.

Have Fun.