Saturday, November 17, 2007

Desert Island Singles, Part 3

1. "Sumthin' for Nothin'" Motley Crue. My brother Alex and I were talking about it today on the transatlantic line. I was wrong, bro. It isn't about an assassin. I looked up the lyrics. Damn I was naive back then. Doesn't change the fact that I liked the song.

2. "Every Day I Write the Book" Elvis Costello. Great song, crappy video.

3. "Blood and Fire" Indigo Girls. The restorative power of music will ALWAYS amaze me. This was the most emotional week of my life. I came home last night, and thought that I just had nothing left. No shock, no surprise, no wonder, no hope. And I plugged this CD in when I drove around for a few hours later on. I know I liked it for the singing before. I simply could not have understood the emotional components years ago. I was still exhausted, but the tank has stuff in it again. It is good.

4. "Parisienne Hotel" Johnny Diesel and the Injectors. American Ex-pat in Australia who had one ROCKIN' Bluesy album in the late 80's. Never heard another thing from him. Our loss.

5. "Shame on You" Gun. Scottish band. Good vibe. Painful topics, but great drive. If you can put your pain to music, you can make a buck.

6. "Walk Through Fire" David Baerwald. Still true today. The more I listen to his progression, the more I think he and I went down the same road.

7. "Father, Blessed Father" Newsboys. The dualing rhythyms fascinate me, and yeah, the message ain't bad either.

8. "We Got the Beat" The Go-Gos. Another Drive fast with the windows down and the radio up kinda song.

9. "Forever Autumn" Jeff Lynne. If you have never heard this Rock Opera version of the War of the Worlds, with the stella playing and vocals and Richard Burton (yea, us Welsh dudes!) narrating, then you have missed a singular treat.

10. "Thank You." Dido. I love this track, and I always think of the same person when I hear it now. You know who you are.